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Measure, collaborate, and automate your processes. If any of these are causing problems for your marketing team. We'll help you create more leads, increase conversion rates, improve customer service, and automate marketing.

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CrestFunnel can help you take your customer management system to the next level by tailoring it to your specific needs. You'll only need one piece of business software. CrestFunnel

Lead acquisition

CrestFunnel helps you fill your sales funnel with people who are interested in your business.

Lead management

Capture leads, track all of their interactions with your company, such as email, chat, and online behavior, and qualify and engage them until they buy your goods.

Revenue Growth

Remove distractions off your critical path and double the productivity of your sales team.

Sales automation

Automate regular processes to free up time for what matters most.

Traffic Analysis

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Marketing analytics

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You'll only need one piece of business software. CrestFunnel

  • Lead generation & nurturing

    Our software aids in the collection of leads and the tracking of their progress through the sales pipeline for your firm. Sales teams can use the data to figure out which marketing strategies are profitable and which aren't.

  • Lead Management

    Use our platform to automatically assign prospects to your sales reps based on which prospects they need to focus on.

  • Sales analytics

    Data that is more accurate leads to better decisions. Use CrestFunnel to improve your website's performance, focus on your marketing strategy, and make more informed sales decisions.

Reduce manual data entry

  • Apart from the fact that you can maintain up-to-date client records without breaking a sweat, you can also eliminate manual data entering. CrestFunnel is a tool that allows you to create a funnel.

  • Import and export customer and business details from spreadsheets

  • Client information is automatically captured and saved when they contact you via email, chat, or web forms.

well-organized Information

Maintain control of your interactions.

Robust Plan

Better collaboration

Management System

With CrestFunnel, the best client management system, you can get complete facts about your clients, engage in relevant dialogues, close transactions faster, and increase your sales.

Sales teams may stay current on relationships by keeping track of all information from each interaction and conversation with a lead or client. In the CRM software, all client information is saved in one central spot for quick access.

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Visualize Your Sales Process

If you are looking to take your marketing to the next level, our CRM software can help. With tools built to assist companies of every size and industry, here are a few of the most popular Bitrix24 features.

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Stay on top of deals and take your company to the next level

A contact center is required by businesses of all sizes. With our CRM software, CrestFunnel can help you manage your communication channels. Bring all of your conversations, web forms, emails, and phone calls together in one place.

Automate your follow-ups

CrestFunnel allows you to personalize your outbound marketing and initiate meaningful dialogues with your consumers.

Manage your interactions

Understanding your customers' interactions with your company can let you have relevant conversations with them. CrestFunnel keeps track of all of these interactions as well as their fundamental details.

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01. Visualize Your Sales Process

Creat your stages, tweak them to your liking, then start filling them with bargains!

02. Sketch & Planning

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03. Focus on Results

Concentrate on anything that can help you close your deals. It might be an email, keeping your team up to date, planning a meeting, or everything in between.

04. Automate

Automate the action items required at each level and focus on the action items that require your attention.

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